5 Crucial Differences Between First and Third Baby

5 crucial difference between first and third baby

When I had my oldest, I was the painfully typical first time mom: the over whelming pictures, the 16 times a day Facebook updates (with such gripping headlines as: “guess who pooped 3 times today?!”), the calling the whole family because he giggled in his sleep… it was bad. With my third, he got a “1 month old” post and that’s been about it. But that’s not just how they’re early weeks and months were different:

  1. The Doctor: With my first, I had our pediatrician on speed dial. I’m pretty sure I called once a night for about a month. He hiccuped: “is there something wrong!?” I’m shocked they didn’t block my number! My poor third son… he’s lucky if we even GET to the pediatrician’s office in time for his appointment!
  2. Feeding: I could tell you down to the second how long my firstborn nursed on each side, which side he nursed from last, and if he was having regular poos after nursing. I had a handy list (yes, a physical list) of foods that increased milk supply, decreased supply, made the baby sensitive so he wouldn’t eat, that I carried with me when I went food shopping or eating at a restaurant. My third son nurses well and often… but ask me how long he nursed and my answer will always be “…for a while.”
  3. “How old is your baby?”: Firstborn: “6 weeks 2 days 6 hours and 32 minutes.” Third: “…he’s…. oh! going to be 5, no, 6 weeks this Saturday.”
  4. Sleeping: I woke up my oldest every 3 hours at the recommendation of my pediatrician (who, after telling me that, I’m SURE has never had children). He was sleep deprived, I was sleep deprived… I don’t remember so much of his early weeks and months because of how tired I was. With my third, he sleeps when he sleeps, and I feed him when he wakes up. *breathe in, breathe out* So much easier!
  5. Clothes: First: “Oh no! There’s a drop of milk on the white onesie! Time for an outfit change!” Third: “There’s only a little poop on this one… it’s fine. We only have a few more errands to run. Then he can be naked all day.”

While my third son doesn’t have each and every milestone marked down and shouted to the whole world, he does have a much less neurotic mom who is able to just enjoy each day as it comes!

How are your oldest and youngest babies different? I’d love to hear about it!

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