Hello world!

Thank you for stopping by my blog! 

My name is Caroline. I live in cow country in Central Pennsylvania. I am a Christian mother to my three beautiful sons and the wife to an amazing husband! You could call us “crunchy” or “hippies” and you wouldn’t be wrong; we cook at home, eat local, skip the preservatives, make our own toothpaste, and are learning how to fix a house into a home!

Why a blog?

I started this blog because I was the kind of person who though that once I got married, things that wives do would just come naturally to me. I was so wrong. I came back from my honeymoon and stood in my kitchen with my brand new apron on and just stared blankly at my stove. I expected to just know how to cook gourmet meals because I was married! Much to my surprise, the same thing happened with cleaning the house and taking care of the baby; it was not instinctual and I was unprepared.

I’m hoping to help other young wives in the same situation to learn and grow!

I’d love to hear from you with ideas, feedback, etc.! 

Hearts & bubbles,




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